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@ParkerCoffeeCo brings high quality roast to Perrysburg #printmycup.com

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https://www.facebook.com/ParkerCoffeeCoPerrysburgparker-coffee-company- paper cups wholesale- custom printed hot cups with logo #printmycup

Dunkin Donuts changing the cup game #printmycup

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Last fall, Dunkin’ Donuts began testing two alternate cups to replace its foam hot cups in select markets, including locations in towns with polystyrene bans, like Brookline and Somerville.

The effort — while admirable because polystyrene is bad — is leaving consumers who sleeve their iced coffee cups inside a foam cup in a pickle. Now several months into their experiment, Dunkin’ Brands says it’s closing in on a favorite foam alternative, and will reveal its future plans for transition by the end of the year.

Both a double-walled paper cup and a #5 recyclable polypropylene cup are available in select markets, with the latter proving to be superior thus far. According to a statement from Christine Riley Miller, senior director of corporate social responsibility and the Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation:

“We will continue to evaluate and test all available cups until we believe we have found the best solution based on cost, performance, commercial viability and environmental impacts. We expect to be in a position to make a decision regarding an alternative cup and a timeline for the transition to a new cup by the end of 2015.”

The plan to completely phase out the foam hot cups from all Dunkin’ Donuts locations nationwide will be laid out by the company by the end the year, though a timeline for formal implementation has yet to be revealed.

Double cupping, in case you’re not familiar, is a practice particularly customary to New England that goes as follows:

1. Purchase an iced coffee (or tea, if you must) from a Dunkin’ Donuts location.

2. Shamelessly request a foam cup in the equivalent or greater size.

3. Insert iced coffee (or tea, but why?) into foam cup.

4. Bask in the superiority of having a condensation-free beverage to hold.

Despite being wasteful (and tactically useless to the consumption of iced coffee), the double cup technique is practiced quite liberally, and it can be often seen on college campuses and sporting events across New England. The option to oblige the customer’s request for a second cup is at each franchise’s discretion, though some are known to ask for a small fee in exchange for the service. Other coffee chains have not yet reached the widely accepted practice of the Dunkin’ double cup, though they are still able to serve iced coffee with no reported fatal injuries due to lack of a protective outer layer.

@printmycup launches a new #cannabiscup #norml #cannabis

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@printmycup launches a new #cannabiscup #norml #cannabis

Though just in its initial design phase and concept, the #cannabiscup from @printmycups aims to become a prime example in how effective/creative marketing can boost awareness of a cause or group.  The first concept was created for NORML, a national non profit group battling for the repeal of marijuana laws.  The cups, just in prototype phase, include a QR code users can scan in to make a donation to their local chapter.  In many instances the specialized printed cups can aid in voting sign ups or donations through embeded QR codes or social media links.  The special edition #cannabiscup is as of yet not available. But stay tuned to our website and social media for a release date online. at www.printmycup.com custom printed paper food packaging

BaddAss Coffee offers a taste of Hawaii with your daily cup

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Hello fromcoffee.com/"> BadAss Coffee, we are a small coffee franchise from Kona Hawaii. In 1989 we opened our first store and decided in 1999 to franchise. Where a completely Hawaii-based coffee Company basing all of our coffees on the popular Kona profile a very light mellow lightly acidic profile.

 And that’s what makes us different and sets us apart. Our coffee is really light and mellow. We do a Hawaiian blend all of our coffee is at least 10% Hawaiian which makes us very unique the only coffee grown in the USA… Is grown in Hawaii. This allows us to take advantage of a very niche market. We also sell hats, mugs, T-shirts a lot of tourist type items and local items we do well in the local market, where customers are coming in for a quality local coffee or a tourist market with clients looking for say I hat from Maui or a shirt from Park city Utah. So we have done well in all of those markets. Franchisees which are looking for a very fun and lucrative coffee shop business which is hands on seem to really gravitate towards our franchise coffeeshop business model. Our shops create a very family-friendly business atmosphere. Often times we get to see our regular customers on a day-to-day basis and get to know them. Sometimes clients come in only for a week and we see them every day for breakfast and or coffee. If you’re in Redding California and your coffee lover you may come into our shop every day so we get to be very friendly with our customers it is a very nice personal business with a high growth potential and great franchise opportunity.



coffee.com/">Bad Ass Coffee, a Hawaii-based coffee company has been in existence since 1989 and has been franchising since 1999. Bad Ass coffee is known for being a light, mellow and lightly acidic Hawaiian blend. Bad Ass coffee shops serve both the local and tourist markets, and sells their own branded merchandise. If you’re looking for a fun, hands-on business, friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to establish relationships with daily customers, watch this video clip.

Team Menchies – The Country’s Best Frozen Yogurt Chain does the HARLEM SHAKE


Top Coffee Shops In San Francisco

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Top Ten Coffee Shops in San Francisco www.printmycup.com custom printed paper cups for <a href=coffee shops" src="http://blog.printmycup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Top-Ten-Coffee-Shops-in-San-Francisco-www.printmycup.com-custom-printed-paper-cups-for-coffee-shops.jpg" width="566" height="366" />

It seems there’s lots of TOP TEN lists out there especially for food lovers and such which outline the best eats or top destinations in a given city.  Its always great to have a guide when you’re visiting a new city or location- compiled by people in the know who have first hand knowledge etc.  We’ll if you’re in the San Francisco area on vacation, business, or heck.. even if you live there – the folks at Mister Archer have you’re go to list of the Top Coffee Shops in San Francisco.  San Francisco is a food lovers paradise, complete with a vibrant nightlife and diverse offering- also the city is know as a premier destination for specialty coffee and boutique cafes with some of the best coffee around.  Thanks to the fine folds at www.misterarcher.com for the list and be sure to check it out directly on their website at http://www.misterarcher.com/san-francisco-coffee/


Progressive Grounds

Progressive Grounds

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
400 Cortland Ave, SF (at Bennington St) See Yelp reviews
Experience the whimsical side of Bernal Heights. Order a coffee and a piping hot breakfast sandwich with a coating of melted cheddar and a couple strips of bacon. Then cozy into the backroom den with a red brick fireplace. Stay a while—they just installed more powerstrips to accomodate tethered entrepreneurs. The outside patio is a neighborhood gem… the tranquility invites both contemplation and levity.
coffee.com/" target="_blank">Nervous Dog Coffee picture

Nervous Dog Coffee

wifi outdoor seating bagel sandwich wine and beer
3438 Mission St, SF (at Kingston St) See Yelp reviews
The typical greeting from the owner, “you want the usual?” And the regulars don’t drink decaf. Restless entrepreneurs are grinding away on their fledgling startups… quite similar to the “nervous little dogs” in this Gary Larson cartoon—the muse for this coffee shop. The cozy intimacy is usually accompanied by inspiring art from local vistuosos.


Other Neighborhood Favorites: Martha Bros


Brand Spotlight: Cleveland’s Phoenix Coffee Compostable Paper Hot Cup Design

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Phoenix Coffee2 Custom printed <a href=coffee Cups www.printmycup.com" src="http://blog.printmycup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Phoenix-Coffee2-Custom-printed-coffee-Cups-www.printmycup.com_.jpg" width="714" height="210" />

Today’s design of the day and spotlight feature comes to us from a little known coffee shop making waves in Cleveland, Ohio.  Phoenix coffee has a commitment to sustainability and the environment and has chosen to display this through their awesome and unique coffee compostable coffee cups" href="http://www.printmycup.com">custom printed compostable coffee cups.  Here at PrintMyCup.com we have had numerous clients come to us for assistance in developing an environmental or biodegradable solution to their customized foodservice packaging.  Actually our firm has become the leader in compostable packaging and doing so for our clients affordably and easily.


Phoenix Coffee1 Custom printed <a href=coffee Cups www.printmycup.com" src="http://blog.printmycup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Phoenix-Coffee1-Custom-printed-coffee-Cups-www.printmycup.com_-300x300.jpg" width="300" height="300" />


Phoenix Coffee3 Custom printed <a href=coffee Cups www.printmycup.com" src="http://blog.printmycup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Phoenix-Coffee3-Custom-printed-coffee-Cups-www.printmycup.com_.jpg" width="658" height="493" />

Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland ohio is always expanding so next time in town feel feeel to look them up and stop in for your caffenated needs. http://phoenixcoffee.com/cafes

Looking for the Roastery?

Phoenix Coffee Company Roastery
1728 St. Clair Ave
Cleveland, OH 44114
(t) 216.522.9744
(f) 216.522.9746

Phoenix Coffee locations in Clevelandcoffee.com/themes/bluemasters/images/locations_footer.png" />

EAST 9TH – 1700 E.9th Street Cleveland, OH
COVENTRY 1854-A Coventry Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH
LEE 2287 Lee Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH

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Chipotle Launches Margaritas in 900 Stores for 2013 Cinco de Mayo festivities

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This is a great article courtesy of the folks at FastCasual Magazine

As we know- Cinco De Mayo is not far off so maybe I’ll stop in then for a tasty margarita and a burrito to celebrate.

Chipotle Margaritas Custom Printed Clear Cups www.printmycup.com

After a successful test run in its Kansas City, Mo., market, Chipotle is adding margaritas to most of its restaurants just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Starting April 29, 900 Chipotle restaurants will begin serving the 240-calorie drinks. The drinks are made with Patrón tequila, triple sec, lemon and lime juices and agave, according to a company press release. Prices vary by market but will cost between $6.50 and $8.

“Many people are not aware, but we have served margaritas at Chipotle from the beginning,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing officer at Chipotle. “Previously, however, they were made using a margarita mix and we didn’t feel they were as delicious as they could be. Our new margarita recipe eliminates the mix in favor of a few simple ingredients. The new margarita tastes much better and is a really terrific addition to our menu.”

Served on the rocks with a wedge of lime, the premium Patrón margarita is a simple recipe using only a few ingredients, and will be offered to customers alongside another margarita option made with Sauza tequila. The Sauza margarita will be available as a house option at a lower price, but will be made using the same recipe as the Patrón version.

In addition to Patrón and Sauza margaritas, Chipotle also offers beer — including craft varieties —  in many of its restaurants nationwide.

Spotlight: Branded Beverages and Starbucks Evolution Fresh

The State by State Breakdown of US Ice Cream Consumption

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Top States that eat the most Ice Cream www.printmycup.com custom printed <a href=yogurt cups, yogurt supplies" src="http://blog.printmycup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Top-States-that-eat-the-most-Ice-Cream-www.printmycup.com-custom-printed-yogurt-cups-yogurt-supplies.jpg" width="733" height="977" />