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Maui Wowi opening Maryland units

by papercups - on Apr 7th 2014 - Comments Off on Maui Wowi opening Maryland units

Maui Wowi Hawaiian has granted an Empire Franchise Agreement to Lisa Giacobbe, who is planning to build the chain’s presence in Maryland, according to a company press release.

“The opportunity to work with a group of people that enjoy every aspect of their company is going to be amazing. The fun, relaxing atmosphere and growth potential made Maui Wowi a perfect choice for us,” Giacobbe said.

Originally interested only in the brick-and- mortar retail model of the business, a trip to the company headquarters for Discovery Day brought Giacobbe and her husband face-to-face with the possibilities associated with the mobile event cart business model.

“We really like the flexibility because you can have the storefront, you can go to events, and you can do catering; so there are a lot of choices with what we can do with our business,” Giacobbe said.

As they begin ramping up, the Giacobbes plans to take full advantage of the different models by using the cart at events around the community. The goal will be to drive traffic and build a customer following for the store as it is being built. Eventually, they hope to expand the brand throughout the state.


It seems Maui Wowi as well has enhanced their brand significantly by rolling out custom printed wholesale clear cups printed with their colorful and ever recognizable logo

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Burger King’s new delivery service could open doors for other brands.

by papercups - on Jun 6th 2013 - Comments Off on Signed, Sealed, Delivered Burger King’s new delivery service could open doors for other brands.

Burger King’s new delivery service could open doors for other brands.

Wrap concept BSkis in Chapel Hill successfully delivers food to campus students.
College eateries like [B]Ski’s in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, have already found delivery to be a major sales vehicle.

Burger King hopes its new delivery service will be a great profit-driver for the chain, as the company is banking on customers to put in large orders for office lunches, birthday parties, and other gatherings in the select cities where the service is offered.

But it may not be the only brand with a careful eye on the BK Delivers service. Other non-pizza quick serves might be hoping for its success to validate investing in the space, which could open new sales opportunities in urban communities.

Burger King began testing BK Delivers in late 2011 and recently expanded the option to 70 of its restaurants in San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; Chicago; Oakland and San Jose, California; Miami; Brooklyn, New York; Las Vegas; and Houston.

“The demand has been overwhelming, and we hope to announce more locations soon,” says Petru Pusta with retail innovation for Burger King, in an e-mail to QSR.


Disrupting the Ice Cream Aisle: Talenti’s Path to Success

by papercups - on Apr 30th 2013 - Comments Off on Disrupting the Ice Cream Aisle: Talenti’s Path to Success


Following his college graduation, entrepreneur Josh Hochschuler booked a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires with two suitcases and enough money for a few weeks. After five years of ex-pat living there, while working in finance, he returned to the U.S. with a new-found appreciation for the country’s gelato.

It’s a passion that propelled Hochschuler on a years-long quest to carve out a successful niche in the premium American ice cream market.

Dallas Roots

“When I moved back to Dallas, where I’m originally from, I couldn’t find anything similar so I decided that I would bring something I loved back to the states from Argentina,” Hochschuler said.

To understand the intricate gelato-making process, he had spent months apprenticing with a local family in Argentina. They had been making the dessert for generations using a traditional Argentine gelato method that uses pure cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup. The recipe also has less fat than ice cream.

Together, Hochschuler and the Argentine family opened up a retail store in Dallas named Talenti — a tribute to Bernardo Buontalenti, the Florentine artist credited for inventing gelato.

But Hochschuler soon realized he didn’t like retail’s hours or the business model, which usually only focuses on in-store consumption. Instead, he wanted to get quality product into people’s homes and restaurants.


Maple bacon frozen yogurt — a review with video!

by papercups - on Apr 30th 2013 - Comments Off on Maple bacon frozen yogurt — a review with video!

I am a big fan of food that doesn’t make any sense.

I have had more than one beer milkshake in my lifetime, friends.

That is why, when you ask yourself “Who is the target audience for maple bacon frozen yogurt?” the answer is me.

Yogurt Mountain recently made this miracle product available, along with other nontraditional frozen yogurts such as “Cup of Coffee.”

Yes. Not just a frappuccino.

Frozen yogurt with coffee flavor.


Cherry On Top … A Top Destination for Froyo this Summer

by papercups - on Apr 23rd 2013 - Comments Off on Cherry On Top … A Top Destination for Froyo this Summer

It’s summertime upcoming, and what better way to enjoy it with some self serve yogurt from a great concept and outlet such as Cherry On Top.  Also there’s some opportunity for business owners who like to get involved from a franchising aspect.

Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt 2 custom printed <a href=yogurt cups" src="" width="300" height="190" />

Great video here from Rob Steinberg of Cherry On Top Huntington Beach.  His location is a fast paced and exciting destination spot for all of those Southern Californian folds looking for a refreshingly sweet and healthy treat of self serve frozen yogurt.



My name is Rob Steinberg of Chery On Top Frozen Yogurt in Huntington Beach, California.  Yogurt has been popular for years, frozen yogurt has been super popular in recent years and the introduction of the self-serve concept all of those ingredients together for an absolutely fantastic business model…s o that something I wanted to be part of

We chose Cherry On Top because we found all of the ingredients that we were looking for. The yogurt is absolutely fantastic, the design is completely innovative state-of-the-art, the way they incorporated the menu display signs with cutting-edge technology is really don’t see that anywhere else in this market other than Cherry On Top.

 I believe that good yogurt starts from the source. Product comes from a family-run farm, the cows are really happy, they’re not treated with hormone, that really sets us apart.

Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt 1 custom printed <a href=yogurt cups" src="" width="519" height="389" />


Not only is the quality superb but the facility uses sustainable technology such as solar power, recycled water for farming, all of this combined with the amazing flavors I think it’s been a biggest ingredient for success.


What makes our frozen yogurt so unique this highly competitive market gourmet flavors. We are probably one of the only stores to consistently offer those gourmet flavor. They are constantly changing, there is a huge variety of flavors and the modest pricing especially in these economic times and that’s a win-win situation for anyone looking for for a great business model.


The variety of flavors at Cherry On Top are tremendous and they’re constantly growing. It’s not a static number here, some concepts  get it fixed number. Since I’ve been with the company and since I’ve owned store, it has grown immensely.


Training and support from the corporate office has been absolutely fantastic. There’s always people available to take your phone calls, and the plus side is they actually have people in the corporate office they can come out to the store and help with something on site. Their marketing staff their IT staff has all been collaborative making this particular store really big success.


Customer experience here Cherry On Top is a happy, free-flowing, enjoyable experience. Customers come here to be free to come here to get away from their stresses and have a great dessert. Come here to bring their kids and enjoy what we have to offer


The environment here and the atmosphere here is a family atmosphere. My family works with me we were together making the store what it is today. Also a part of that is my staff.  The staff that I get to work with every day I get to hand pick–  who’s going to work best to serve our customers and our community. That’s simply great position to be in. Coming to work here at Cherry On Top sometimes doesn’t feel like work. There is really really great interaction with the customers, with the community, and I had a great working relationship with my staff. It’s been a really really positive experience

I’m going to be able to put people in a place where they can best serve YOU the customer

It’s frozen yogurt your way, and that pertains not just to the owner of the store… that pertains to the customer as well. You get to decide how much you want right from the get-go- to pull the lever you decide whether you get one ounce or 20 ounces. You walk down to the topping bar, you decide with you want 1,2,3 or 30  different toppings. There really is no limit, the potential is up to you weight your yogurt, it’s a real really fair price and that’s why this concept is such a huge success, it’s a win-win philosophy .”

Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt 3 custom printed <a href=yogurt cups" src="" width="678" height="508" />


Brand Spotlight: Cleveland’s Phoenix Coffee Compostable Paper Hot Cup Design

by papercups - on Apr 22nd 2013 - Comments Off on Brand Spotlight: Cleveland’s Phoenix Coffee Compostable Paper Hot Cup Design


Phoenix Coffee2 Custom printed <a href=coffee Cups" src="" width="714" height="210" />

Today’s design of the day and spotlight feature comes to us from a little known coffee shop making waves in Cleveland, Ohio.  Phoenix coffee has a commitment to sustainability and the environment and has chosen to display this through their awesome and unique coffee compostable coffee cups" href="">custom printed compostable coffee cups.  Here at we have had numerous clients come to us for assistance in developing an environmental or biodegradable solution to their customized foodservice packaging.  Actually our firm has become the leader in compostable packaging and doing so for our clients affordably and easily.


Phoenix Coffee1 Custom printed <a href=coffee Cups" src="" width="300" height="300" />


Phoenix Coffee3 Custom printed <a href=coffee Cups" src="" width="658" height="493" />

Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland ohio is always expanding so next time in town feel feeel to look them up and stop in for your caffenated needs.

Looking for the Roastery?

Phoenix Coffee Company Roastery
1728 St. Clair Ave
Cleveland, OH 44114
(t) 216.522.9744
(f) 216.522.9746

Phoenix Coffee locations in" />

EAST 9TH – 1700 E.9th Street Cleveland, OH
COVENTRY 1854-A Coventry Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH
LEE 2287 Lee Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH

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Chipotle Launches Margaritas in 900 Stores for 2013 Cinco de Mayo festivities

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This is a great article courtesy of the folks at FastCasual Magazine

As we know- Cinco De Mayo is not far off so maybe I’ll stop in then for a tasty margarita and a burrito to celebrate.

Chipotle Margaritas Custom Printed Clear Cups

After a successful test run in its Kansas City, Mo., market, Chipotle is adding margaritas to most of its restaurants just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Starting April 29, 900 Chipotle restaurants will begin serving the 240-calorie drinks. The drinks are made with Patrón tequila, triple sec, lemon and lime juices and agave, according to a company press release. Prices vary by market but will cost between $6.50 and $8.

“Many people are not aware, but we have served margaritas at Chipotle from the beginning,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing officer at Chipotle. “Previously, however, they were made using a margarita mix and we didn’t feel they were as delicious as they could be. Our new margarita recipe eliminates the mix in favor of a few simple ingredients. The new margarita tastes much better and is a really terrific addition to our menu.”

Served on the rocks with a wedge of lime, the premium Patrón margarita is a simple recipe using only a few ingredients, and will be offered to customers alongside another margarita option made with Sauza tequila. The Sauza margarita will be available as a house option at a lower price, but will be made using the same recipe as the Patrón version.

In addition to Patrón and Sauza margaritas, Chipotle also offers beer — including craft varieties —  in many of its restaurants nationwide.

Spotlight: Branded Beverages and Starbucks Evolution Fresh

Frozen Yogurt Trends: The Official Infographic by

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frozen <a href=yogurt industry infographic2 custom printed yogurt cups, frozen yogurt supplies, discount wholesale foodservice supply" src="" width="620" height="404" />