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Signed, Sealed, Delivered Burger King’s new delivery service could open doors for other brands.

by papercups - on Jun 6th 2013 - Comments Off on Signed, Sealed, Delivered Burger King’s new delivery service could open doors for other brands.

Burger King’s new delivery service could open doors for other brands.

Wrap concept BSkis in Chapel Hill successfully delivers food to campus students.
College eateries like [B]Ski’s in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, have already found delivery to be a major sales vehicle.

Burger King hopes its new delivery service will be a great profit-driver for the chain, as the company is banking on customers to put in large orders for office lunches, birthday parties, and other gatherings in the select cities where the service is offered.

But it may not be the only brand with a careful eye on the BK Delivers service. Other non-pizza quick serves might be hoping for its success to validate investing in the space, which could open new sales opportunities in urban communities.

Burger King began testing BK Delivers in late 2011 and recently expanded the option to 70 of its restaurants in San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; Chicago; Oakland and San Jose, California; Miami; Brooklyn, New York; Las Vegas; and Houston.

“The demand has been overwhelming, and we hope to announce more locations soon,” says Petru Pusta with retail innovation for Burger King, in an e-mail to QSR.


National Frozen Yogurt Day 2013 on CNN’s Eatocracy

by papercups - on Jun 6th 2013 - Comments Off on National Frozen Yogurt Day 2013 on CNN’s Eatocracy
09:00 AM ET
yogurt day" href="" rel="bookmark">National frozen yogurt day

While you’re frying up some eggs and bacon, we’re cooking up something else: a way to celebrate today’s food holiday.

Dairy good! June 4 is National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Some blasts from the past are suddenly quite au courant. For example: bingo night, parachute pants and handlebar mustaches are currently all the rage. Another product that’s making a comeback? Frozen yogurt.

In the early 1980s and ’90s, frozen yogurt stores were on almost every street corner in the U.S. After a brief market slump in the late ’90s and early 2000s, the industry is back on the rise, fueled in part by the recession. Frozen yogurt offers consumers choice at varying price points; perfect for those who want to treat themselves without blowing a hole in their wallets.  In addition, firms such as offer fun and creative designs available on paper cups to assist you in building a brand and social media awareness for your coffee shop, yogurt shop, or ice cream shop.

The multi-million dollar industry has another thing going for it – head to head, frozen yogurt is less fattening than ice cream. That’s because in order to be classified as ice cream, the product needs to contain a certain amount of fat. Producers often add cream to achieve the necessary fat content. Frozen yogurt, on the other hand, isn’t federally regulated, and since yogurt naturally contains less fat than cream, the resulting product is as creamy as ice cream but with much less fat.

Before you go buckwild at your local frozen yogurt store, consider this: while the actual treat might be less in fat, it’s very easy to erase the difference with toppings. That’s not to say that toppings are off the menu, but if healthfulness is the goal, consider cutting back on the brownie bites and hot fudge sauce.

You could also make your own frozen yogurt in an ice cream maker or blender, thus controlling the mix-ins and nutritional content.

While no one really knows how long the froyo craze will last, our bet is that kids will be lining up at their local yogurt shop long after the last hipsters are yelling “Bingo!”

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Lots of Custom Printed Paper Frozen Yogurt Cups! Chicago’s Top Ten Froyo sweet destinations

by papercups - on May 8th 2013 - Comments Off on Lots of Custom Printed Paper Frozen Yogurt Cups! Chicago’s Top Ten Froyo sweet destinations

Chicago can be known as the Windy City- but in the sprintime and summermonths… these folks like to cool down with some frozen yogurt or ice cream, often a branded or printed custom cup

5868 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL

(773) 756-5696 ·
Category: Frozen Yogurt Shop
crepes · panini
“Awesome. Great food and great prices. Highly recommended”
924 E 57th St, Chicago, IL

Category: Frozen Yogurt Shop
“vn’t visited this certain one yet on 57th st. but soon will . my most recent
1 W Division St, Chicago, IL

(312) 573-9063 ·
Category: Frozen Yogurt Shop
“Flavors such as Tiramisu, Cheesecake are NOT to DIET for. Yogurt is healthly!”
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #238, Chicago, IL

Category: Frozen Yogurt Shop
924 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL

(773) 868-9000 ·
walk-up window · homemade italian ice · frozen yogurt · sidewalk
“Annette’s (formerly Anthony’s) offers a wide array of ice cream, fat-free soft serve frozen yogurt (in too-good flavors like peanut butter and
190 W Madison St, Chicago, IL

(312) 357-1041 ·
“Pick from ingredients that include fresh fruit, veggies, nonfat frozen yogurt, soy milk and dairy-free sherbet. Or order the Coldbuster, a blend of orange juice”
Chicago, IL

“great food and great costumer service. very nice and very clean.”
3601 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL

(773) 342-2445 ·
Category: Frozen Yogurt Shop
6460 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL

(773) 274-0680 ·
Category: Frozen Yogurt Shop
“Great place. Although the 0631 phone number is no longer in service.”
311 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL

(312) 435-0311 ·
rice bowl · wraps · veggies
“On the Menu: The frozen yogurt comes with two free toppings; choose from fresh fruits, granola and the less healthy (but delicious) Oreo crumbles.

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Self-serve frozen yogurt store is the 4th to open in Orland Park in less than a year

by papercups - on May 8th 2013 - Comments Off on Self-serve frozen yogurt store is the 4th to open in Orland Park in less than a year

Sally Van Cura was out to dinner and a movie with her two grandsons last Friday when they decided to make a stop at the new Cherry Berry frozen yogurt shop for a special treat.

“There’s almost too much!” said the New Lenox resident of the flavor and topping options at the self-serve yogurt bar. From peanuts to strawberries to gummy worms, her grandsons Bobby, 10, and Dominik, 9, carefully evaluated their options before filling their cups to the brim.

They were enjoying the new shop just as owner Jane Roehr hoped they would, stopping in during a family outing for a sweet snack.

“Kids can make some of the greatest concoctions,” said the former teacher during a phone interview from her South Dakota home.

With her husband, Ron, and their daughter, Alison Stogsdill of Chicago, Roehr is the latest business owner to set her sights on the frozen yogurt market in Orland Park.


The Cherry Berry franchise, which had a soft opening on April 26, is the fourth self-serve frozen yogurt store to open in Orland Park in less than a year. All four shops are located in a 1.5-mile span in the La Grange Road corridor. The sweet and tasty treat has grown in popularity in recent years as consumers have taken a greater interest in eating healthy.

Roehr said she knows there is competition out there, but her plan is just to maintain focus on her own shop.

“You just want to do a good job and you just don’t worry about your competition,” she said. “To me, that’s not a real big concern.”

A few blocks down the street, Red Mango owner Travis Tuomey said he thinks this is only the beginning of what will become a crowded frozen yogurt business in the area.

“They’re opening up everywhere,” he said. “They’re about to attack me in La Grange.”

The Oak Lawn resident opened his first Red Mango franchise in La Grange in 2010 when the frozen treat was just becoming popular in the Midwest. He opened his Orland Park shop in November and said new shops are opening up around both of his locations.

Tuomey formerly owned Millie’s Ice Cream shop in Oak Lawn in the 1990s, and when he noticed the increasing popularity of frozen yogurt on the east and west coasts, he thought it would be a good business move.

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“When I wanted to open up my next business, I thought that yogurt might be a more healthy alternative than ice cream,” he said.

More competition will only encourage him to better his own store for his customers and he thinks Red Mango’s product will help him outperform his competitors.

“I chose Red Mango for a reason,” he said. “I personally believe in the product and I think they offer the best quality yogurt.”

But of course, his competitors feel the same way about their own products.

Fade Kashkeesh of Orland Park opened a TCBY franchise as a family business in June. He already operated the Mrs. Fields store in Orland Square Mall and decided to try and catch a piece of the growing frozen yogurt business.

“There was a huge buzz all over, nationwide with frozen yogurt,” he said. “We tested all of them out, and we liked the TCBY.”

He thinks the name recognition of TCBY helps attract customers and that being the first shop to open in Orland Park also might give him an edge.

“We’re getting repeat customers, new customers,” he said. “So it’s definitely a great response.”

But he, too, thinks the market will only become more crowded in the future.

He opened in June, and then Trugurt, which sells frozen yogurt, smoothies and teas, opened down the street in August, according to a Trugurt employee. A manager or owner did not return messages seeking comment for this story.

So far, Kashkeesh said he hasn’t noticed a negative effect on his sales since the other shops have opened, but more competition means he’ll continue to push his store in an attempt to be better than the rest.

“Everyone always jumps on the hot trends, but it just basically comes down to who has the better product and who is giving great customer service,” he said.

The Secret to Ultrasmooth Ice Cream: Liquid Nitrogen

by papercups - on May 7th 2013 - Comments Off on The Secret to Ultrasmooth Ice Cream: Liquid Nitrogen

The Secret to Ultrasmooth Ice Cream: Liquid Nitrogen [Video]

 Its texture is at once ice-cold and silky. But how does basic chemistry make this frosty, popular treat a reality?

Because of its ultra-low boiling point of negative 196 degrees Celsius, liquid nitrogen can be used to flash-freeze food without damage to cells

A soft, creamy treat: Because of its ultralow boiling point: –196 degrees Celsius, liquid nitrogen can be used to flash-freeze food without damage to cells. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Last year Americans spent roughly $20 billion on ice cream. With the return of fair-weathered spring, grocery stores are once again stocking up on the popular, refreshing treat.

Rather than heading to the grocery store, you can concoct super-creamy forms of this American favorite almost instantly at home, provided you have a key ingredient: liquid nitrogen. Yale University professor of mechanical engineering and materials science Ainissa Ramirez demonstrates how to make the treat—while conducting a mini science experiment—within minutes.






Liquid nitrogen, aka LN2, is an odorless, colorless, nonflammable element famous for its extremely low boiling point: –196 degrees Celsius. Because it vaporizes at such a low temperature, the gas it emits is frigid. Food-makers can therefore use the stuff to flash-freeze fresh items, such as herbs, which prevents water inside from forming large ice crystals that would damage cell membranes. It’s also used to give ice cream its velvety texture.


In this video, part of her Science Xplained series, Ramirez shows how just a few drops of liquid nitrogen can rapidly transform a bowl of milk or cream into a thick, frozen dessert.


Frozen Yogurt Solutions Helps Yogurt Oasis Serve Up a Cup Full of Paradise

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Partnering with Frozen Yogurt Solutions was one of the best business decisions we’ve made.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

Yogurt Oasis, home to New Jersey’s tastiest treats, today announces it is serving up a cup full of paradise with the help of industry consultant, Frozen Yogurt Solutions. Frozen Yogurt Solutions was selected to assist the Somerville staple in opening its first location for its industry expertise and experience opening new frozen yogurt shops.

“Partnering with Frozen Yogurt Solutions was one of the best business decisions we’ve made,” said Lee Schapiro, owner of Yogurt Oasis. “Their expert consultants made opening our store easy, from machine selection all the way down to choosing a mix supplier and cup manufacturer. Frozen Yogurt Solutions was able to answer all of our questions while providing the best options available on the market.”

In addition to Frozen Yogurt Solutions’ expansive expertise, Yogurt Oasis was equally impressed with the machine choices offered by parent company Donper America.

“Frozen Yogurt Solutions was also able to assist us in fulfilling our machinery needs,” continued Shapiro. “We were thrilled with the various machine and price point options offered by Donper America, and the quality of both their equipment and the product produced has far exceeded our expectations.”

Frozen Yogurt Solutions offers full-service counsel and product supply to independent and franchised frozen yogurt concepts. A recognized brand of Donper America, Frozen Yogurt Solutions continues to surpass competitors in quality, value and innovation in both manufacturing and customer service.

About Frozen Yogurt Solutions
Frozen Yogurt Solutions, a brand of refrigeration manufacturer, Donper America, is comprised of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable frozen yogurt consultants. As experts in the industry, Frozen Yogurt Solutions is a one-stop-shop for frozen yogurt supply and equipment needs. Coupled with industry leading partnerships, Frozen Yogurt Solutions offers many customizable options as well as turnkey packages.

For more information on how Frozen Yogurt Solutions can assist you, call us at 888-350-8083 or visit us at

McDonald’s promoting Ohio tourism through discounts printed on drink cups

by papercups - on May 1st 2013 - Comments Off on McDonald’s promoting Ohio tourism through discounts printed on drink cups

McDonald’s Corp. and Coca-Cola Co. are helping Ohio promote its tourist destinations.

The state’s TourismOhio office took the wraps off its Discover Ohio To Go partnership with almost 400 Ohio McDonald’s restaurants that will allow tourists to swap branded cups for discounts at an assortment of attractions.

Basically, consumers can buy a large soft drink or iced tea at a McDonald’s involved in the program, consume it, clean it and trade it in for a number of deals. Some incentives include up to $15 off an admission to Cedar Point amusement park or buy-one-get-one-free admission at the Columbus Museum of Art. The cups will be available at McDonald’s starting Monday through June 9, but redemption for most deals are good through the summer.

The list of McDonald’s restaurants taking part in the partnership and the available discounts and deals are here.

Pat Barker, interim tourism director, told me the state has discussed partnership ideas with McDonald’s for years before arriving at Discover Ohio to Go.

“For us, this was a good kick-off to the season,” she said. “Next year we hope to add more participants.”

The state routinely looks for partnerships with Ohio businesses and has relationships with Marysville-based Honda of America Manufacturing Inc., which donated a Honda Element vehicle for the Too Much Fun Mobile Tour, while Speedway LLC in Enon pays for the promotional vehicle’s gas.

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has 127 restaurants around Central Ohio. Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) owns many drink brands in addition to its namesake beverage line, including Sprite, Vitaminwater, Powerade and Minute Maid.

Dan Eaton covers retail, restaurants, manufacturing, automotive and the advertising/PR industry for Business First.


Budweiser unveils “Buddy Cup” beer glass which connects to Facebook

by papercups - on May 1st 2013 - Comments Off on Budweiser unveils “Buddy Cup” beer glass which connects to Facebook

Budweiser has unveiled a “Buddy Cup”: a beer glass that connects to Facebook via a built-in chip.

Created by Agencia Africa in partnership with Bolha, a digital innovation studio in Sao Paulo, the glass works by instantly making people friends on Facebook when they toast using the beer glass.

Sergio Gordilho, chief creative officer at Agencia Africa, said: “Innovation is in Budweiser’s DNA. Its platforms are constantly surprising consumers with the best there is in terms of premium experiences. The “Buddy Cup” is another idea bringing the brand even closer to its consumers and opening new levels of interaction for them.”

The aim of the “Buddy Cup” is to enhance brand activation and increase the interaction between Budweiser consumers attending the brand’s sponsored parties, concerts and festivals.

The K-Cup Patent Is Dead, Long Live The K-Cup

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters GMCR +1.65% managed to get tens of millions of Americans paying per cup for the coffee they brew in their own kitchens, and as long as its patents lasted, it was the only company that could sell the single-serve pods their Keurig coffee machines needed.

With those patents expiring this September, a big part of that lucrative arrangement comes to an end. Other companies can now produce their own versions of the so-called K-cup, and advertise them as being compatible with Keurig machines. And at the same time Starbucks SBUX +0.43% is now selling its own machine and pods, aiming to get its store customers to switch across in their homes as well.


Menchie’s Gives a Lucky Fan Frozen Yogurt For a Year

by papercups - on Apr 30th 2013 - Comments Off on Menchie’s Gives a Lucky Fan Frozen Yogurt For a Year

Menchie’s, North America’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, crowned the grand prize winner of its sweepstakes, The Million Smiles Giveaway.

Kathleen Lane of Burbank, California, is the lucky winner of free frozen yogurt for a year, an iPad with a custom Menchie’s cover, a Menchie’s skateboard and a merchandise gift bag.

During the sweepstakes, fans who registered on for the mySmileage loyalty program were automatically entered into The Million Smiles Giveaway. Guests could earn additional entries to win every time they used their mySmileage account. Members earn a “smile” for every $1 spent and receive a free cup of yogurt after earning 50 smiles.

“Menchie’s is always looking for new ways to reward our loyal guests and make them smile” said Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie’s Group, Inc. “The Million Smiles Giveaway was a great way to celebrate all of the wonderful fans we have made along the way.”

Five 2nd place prize winners were awarded a custom Menchie’s skateboard and a $50 gift card, while 50 3rd place winners received a merchandise gift bag and a $10 gift card.

Menchie’s received more than 450,000 sweepstakes entries during the January 4th-February 28th promotional period.

The company is a world leader in ensuring best-in-class products, and considers itself the ambassador of frozen yogurt quality worldwide. Guests can choose from more than 100 rotating yogurt flavors, a variety of over 70 delicious toppings and waffle bowls for unlimited combinations.

Menchie’s ensures that only the highest quality milk and flavors are used to make its frozen yogurt. The proprietary collection is made from the milk of “smiley” California cows, which have not been treated with artificial growth hormones (rBST). Menchie’s frozen yogurt contains live and active cultures and has received the Live and Active Culture (LAC) seal indicating its endorsement by the National Yogurt Association.

About Menchie’s
Menchie’s creates lasting memories by creating an unparalleled guest experience, with a mission to make every guest smile. Placing a focus on people and community before commerce, Menchie’s franchisees actively donate thousands of dollars to local school programs and charitable organizations. With its own proprietary portfolio of frozen yogurt, Menchie’s guests create their own unique combinations from over 100 rotating yogurt flavors, 70 rotating toppings and waffle bowls. Menchie’s has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing franchises in the restaurant industry for the past three years. There are more than 275 locations open in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Israel, Guam, the U.K and Jordan, and Menchie’s expects to celebrate 400 open stores in 2013. For more information, including franchising opportunities, visit