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Bubble Tea 101: How to Open a Boba Tea Shop #boba #bubbletea

by papercups - on Jan 13th 2017 - Comments Off on Bubble Tea 101: How to Open a Boba Tea Shop #boba #bubbletea

Bubble Tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks in America and many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this opportunity.  In fact, you could start your own basic bubble tea shop for less than $500 with a bubble tea starter kit.

Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan and goes by many different names such as Boba, Pearl Milk Tea, Zhen Zhu Nai Cha, etc.  Regardless of the name, Bubble Tea is a delicious beverage made with tea or fruit poured over cooked tapioca balls.

There are BobaTea Shops everywhere in Taiwan and the rest of Asia but they are only starting to make there way to mainstream America.

Boba Supplies Wholesale

Boba Supplies Wholesale

Now that we know what bubble tea is, let’s explore the question of:

Why Open A Boba Tea Shop?

Boba Tea is a novelty in most of the US and for that reason sells for $3-$6 for a 16oz or 20oz cup.  The ingredients only cost about $0.75.  After operating costs, that still leaves a lot of room for profit!

Now back to HOW to Open A Boba Tea Shop?

Successfully opening a bubble tea shop boils down to 4 main components:

  • Quality Product Sourcing
  • Quality Equipment and Materials
  • Good Recipes
  • Training and Proper Technique

Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan and to ensure the best quality ingredients and processes.  It would make sense that you should source your products from Taiwan.

For more information on product sourcing, how to open a bubble tea shop or how to add bubble tea to your existing menu.


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#healthcaremarketing Branded Paper Cups Increasing Brand Awareness

by papercups - on Jan 12th 2017 - Comments Off on #healthcaremarketing Branded Paper Cups Increasing Brand Awareness


Mercy Health Partners #healthcaremarketing

Mercy Health Partners #healthcaremarketing

Mercy Health Partners #healthcaremarketing


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Innovatibe Paper Cups design by Feldmann+Schultchen #printmycup

by papercups - on Jun 16th 2015 - Comments Off on Innovatibe Paper Cups design by Feldmann+Schultchen #printmycup
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Kiss your coffee sleeves goodbye thanks to intuitive Grip Cup Any kid of the 90s will remember the notorious sound of the Pringles lid, a sound synonymous with a party in a can. The anticipation of that sound alone likely sold thousands of more chips. This concept of simple branding that creates memorable customer experiences can be seen in...

@ParkerCoffeeCo brings high quality roast to Perrysburg

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Dunkin Donuts changing the cup game #printmycup

by papercups - on Jun 16th 2015 - Comments Off on Dunkin Donuts changing the cup game #printmycup

Last fall, Dunkin’ Donuts began testing two alternate cups to replace its foam hot cups in select markets, including locations in towns with polystyrene bans, like Brookline and Somerville.

The effort — while admirable because polystyrene is bad — is leaving consumers who sleeve their iced coffee cups inside a foam cup in a pickle. Now several months into their experiment, Dunkin’ Brands says it’s closing in on a favorite foam alternative, and will reveal its future plans for transition by the end of the year.

Both a double-walled paper cup and a #5 recyclable polypropylene cup are available in select markets, with the latter proving to be superior thus far. According to a statement from Christine Riley Miller, senior director of corporate social responsibility and the Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation:

“We will continue to evaluate and test all available cups until we believe we have found the best solution based on cost, performance, commercial viability and environmental impacts. We expect to be in a position to make a decision regarding an alternative cup and a timeline for the transition to a new cup by the end of 2015.”

The plan to completely phase out the foam hot cups from all Dunkin’ Donuts locations nationwide will be laid out by the company by the end the year, though a timeline for formal implementation has yet to be revealed.

Double cupping, in case you’re not familiar, is a practice particularly customary to New England that goes as follows:

1. Purchase an iced coffee (or tea, if you must) from a Dunkin’ Donuts location.

2. Shamelessly request a foam cup in the equivalent or greater size.

3. Insert iced coffee (or tea, but why?) into foam cup.

4. Bask in the superiority of having a condensation-free beverage to hold.

Despite being wasteful (and tactically useless to the consumption of iced coffee), the double cup technique is practiced quite liberally, and it can be often seen on college campuses and sporting events across New England. The option to oblige the customer’s request for a second cup is at each franchise’s discretion, though some are known to ask for a small fee in exchange for the service. Other coffee chains have not yet reached the widely accepted practice of the Dunkin’ double cup, though they are still able to serve iced coffee with no reported fatal injuries due to lack of a protective outer layer.

Ohio based Ice Cream Manufacturer Jeni’s Ice Cream Recalled due to Listeria

by papercups - on Jun 16th 2015 - Comments Off on Ohio based Ice Cream Manufacturer Jeni’s Ice Cream Recalled due to Listeria

Three weeks after reopening, Ohio-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has stopped production and closed stores after finding listeria in its production facility again.

Jeni’s stopped production earlier this week and would temporarily close stores because it did not have enough ice cream in stock, Chief Executive Officer John Lowe said on the company’s blog. (

The company does not yet have a timeline for when it would resume production or reopen stores.

Jeni’s in April had ceased sales and recalled products, including ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream sandwiches, after a random test resulted positive for the potentially lethal bacteria.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Listeria monocytogenes are organisms that can cause serious infection and can be deadly for newborns, elderly people and those with weak immune systems.

Jeni’s on Friday said it has been investigating when and where the bacteria might have entered the facility, but says all ice cream served since its stores reopened on May 22 was safe and free of listeria due to routine testing before ice cream was shipped.

Texas-based ice cream maker Blue Bell Creameries, whose reputation has been hit heavily by a listeria outbreak, last month said it plans to lay off more than a third of its employees and suspend operations at distribution centers in 10 states.

Blue Bell has also recalled all of its products from retail stores citing risk of infection.

After the Blue Bell outbreak, there were 10 people confirmed with listeriosis in four states, health officials said. Listeria infection was thought to be a factor in the deaths of three people at a Kansas hospital where Blue Bell products were served.

(Reporting by Ramkumar Iyer in Bengaluru; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

Start a food truck this summer- Food Trucks Rock!

by papercups - on May 21st 2015 - Comments Off on Start a food truck this summer- Food Trucks Rock!

How to start a food truck? Have you been asking yourself this question lately? Is that how you found this site? Don’t worry, you certainly aren’t the first, nor the last.

This may be one of the most common questions relating to the mobile food industry & Mobile Cuisine has provided the answers to our readers for nearly five years.

How To Start A Food Truck

No matter what topic you are looking to cover, we have something for you. These are just a few of the areas that we’ve put together with nearly 4,000 articles to date.


Learn the ins and outs of how to start a business in the fastest growing sector of the mobile food industry. From concept development to creating your business entity, Mobile Cuisine has you covered.

Run & Grow

So, you have already started running a food truck business, but how do you keep it running like a well oiled machine? These sections provides a wealth of information for an existing vendor.

We help food truck vendors keep up to date on all of the tactics needed to run and expand their ever growing food truck empire.


Not every food truck owner has a firm grasp of the financial side of running a food truck business, because of that, our money section covers topics on accounting, financing, taxes and even crowd funding.

Menu Help

Not sure what your food truck menu should look like? How about some techniques on preparing a new dish? This section will even give the new food truck owner a calender of food related events to help give them some tips on future menu specials.


In our marketing section, we get into the nuts and bolts of marketing standards as well as branding. With out these tactics, your knowledge of how to start a food truck incomplete and may lead to you sitting in neutral or spinning their wheels wondering why you can’t attract new customers.

In this section, we also delve into the world of social media. We cover the new platforms as they are released as well as tips and tactics to maximize their effectiveness for food truck vendors.


In our technology section, we have articles that cover topics on new technology such as point of sales systems as well as the always import website that each and every food truck owner should have and understand.

Food Truck Fans

Even if you don’t want to know how to start a food truck, Mobile Cuisine has information for the food truck enthusiast. From, our food truck contests to profiles on the trucks and the great vendors in the industry.

Food Truck News

Stay current with all of the industry happenings near you and around the world. We keep our readers up to date on world news and how it affects their food truck business.

As an added bonus for those of you wanting to know how to start a food truck we have provided separate sections within the site to help those looking to buy or sell a food truck: Food Trucks For Sale


Food Truck Jobs allows those interested in hiring new employees to help them get on the road to success to get the job done.

Our Food Truck Supplier Directory can introduce new vendors to suppliers in your area, or gives suppliers the chance to try and win your business.

Do you have any suggestions to help us provide even more content for those looking to learn how to start a food truck? We know our readers would love to hear your suggestions, so feel free to share them on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Mama Fu’s Asian House rolls out branded fleet of delivery vehicles

by papercups - on Mar 10th 2015 - Comments Off on Mama Fu’s Asian House rolls out branded fleet of delivery vehicles

Mama Fu’s Asian House, an Austin based restaurant concept offering dishes inspired by the cuisines of Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, …read more

The ultimate eco-move: Food in edible containers

by papercups - on Apr 26th 2014 - Comments Off on The ultimate eco-move: Food in edible containers

Consider this a serious first step towards the edible food container.

That is, if you can take things such as coconut-flavored chocolate frozen yogurt seriously.

On Monday, Stonyfield, the environmentally conscious organic yogurt maker, will take its first baby step towards ultimately eliminating the plastic yogurt container. It will roll out a product dubbed Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls at a handful of Whole Foods grocery stores in the Boston area.

This frozen yogurt doesn’t come in throw-away cup. Instead, in comes in a flavored, all natural edible skin — much like the skin on a grape. On the inside: organic vanilla or chocolate frozen yogurt. On the outside: an edible skin flavored like peach or banana or coconut or strawberry.

“This shows me that the dream is possible,” says Gary Hirshberg, co-founder of Stonyfield Farm, who has spent decades trying to figure out ways to eliminate environmental waste — including his company’s plastic yogurt cups.

Ultimately, he says, if this edible holder proves successful with frozen yogurt, he hopes to eventually use a version of it with his company’s organic yogurt. And more.

The eco-move by Stonyfield comes at a time consumers are increasingly enamored with environmentally friendly packaging. One of the top 10 global consumer trends for 2014 is a nation of so called “eco-worriers” who increasingly care about sustainability and the environmental impact of everything they buy, says research firm Euromonitor. “Consumers are looking to connect with brands that do not associate with negative environmental impacts,” the study says.

The key to the Frozen Yogurt Pearls, of course, is the skin. It protects the frozen yogurt from the outside and enables it to be washed, handled and carried without being damaged. The product is a joint venture between Stonyfield and WikiFoods. The edible, protective skin is bound via molecular interactions between its two key ingredients, organic fruit and natural ions. WikiFoods is developing other versions of the skin that could be used with anything from cheese to soups.

The “skin” concept comes from WikiFoods founder, David Edwards, who says his Cambridge, Mass-based company’s goal is to package foods about the same way that nature packages fruit. “Consumers will soon be able to choose the skin, shape, size and contents of their food,” he says, and at the same time, make the planet more sustainable.

Hirshberg says he’s wanted to replace the Stonyfield plastic cups for nearly two decades. He was at a 10K race in Boston in 1986, where Stonyfield yogurt was handed out at the finish line. He had driven off after the event and while sitting at a red light more than a quarter-mile from the race, spotted a tossed Stonyfield container sitting in a courtyard. Since then, he says, he’s worked on shrinking the yogurt’s packaging — and, he says, some day, eliminating it.

If the Whole Foods test is a hit, he says, “the next step would be a full commercial roll-out.”

This, he says, may be the beginning of the end of food packaging. “When cellphones first came out, they were pretty clunky,” says Hirshberg. “That’s where we are now with this — but the sky’s the limit.”