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Custom Paper Coffee Cups -Dreamer Coffee and Juice Bar

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Custom Paper Coffee Cups- Dreamer Coffee and Juice

Custom Paper Coffee Cups- Dreamer Coffee and Juice

#healthcaremarketing Branded Paper Cups Increasing Brand Awareness

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Mercy Health Partners #healthcaremarketing

Mercy Health Partners #healthcaremarketing

Mercy Health Partners #healthcaremarketing

What are the #TenBest #Coffee Shops in #Chicago @CoffeeFestShow

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Ten Best Coffee Shops in Chicago #printmycup wholesale paper food packaging, wholesale paper cup

What are the #TenBest #Coffee Shops in #Chicago ?




What are the Ten Best Coffee Shops in Miami, Florida #Florida #Coffee #Miami @MiamiCoffeeLtd

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Dunkin Donuts changing the cup game #printmycup

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Last fall, Dunkin’ Donuts began testing two alternate cups to replace its foam hot cups in select markets, including locations in towns with polystyrene bans, like Brookline and Somerville.

The effort — while admirable because polystyrene is bad — is leaving consumers who sleeve their iced coffee cups inside a foam cup in a pickle. Now several months into their experiment, Dunkin’ Brands says it’s closing in on a favorite foam alternative, and will reveal its future plans for transition by the end of the year.

Both a double-walled paper cup and a #5 recyclable polypropylene cup are available in select markets, with the latter proving to be superior thus far. According to a statement from Christine Riley Miller, senior director of corporate social responsibility and the Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation:

“We will continue to evaluate and test all available cups until we believe we have found the best solution based on cost, performance, commercial viability and environmental impacts. We expect to be in a position to make a decision regarding an alternative cup and a timeline for the transition to a new cup by the end of 2015.”

The plan to completely phase out the foam hot cups from all Dunkin’ Donuts locations nationwide will be laid out by the company by the end the year, though a timeline for formal implementation has yet to be revealed.

Double cupping, in case you’re not familiar, is a practice particularly customary to New England that goes as follows:

1. Purchase an iced coffee (or tea, if you must) from a Dunkin’ Donuts location.

2. Shamelessly request a foam cup in the equivalent or greater size.

3. Insert iced coffee (or tea, but why?) into foam cup.

4. Bask in the superiority of having a condensation-free beverage to hold.

Despite being wasteful (and tactically useless to the consumption of iced coffee), the double cup technique is practiced quite liberally, and it can be often seen on college campuses and sporting events across New England. The option to oblige the customer’s request for a second cup is at each franchise’s discretion, though some are known to ask for a small fee in exchange for the service. Other coffee chains have not yet reached the widely accepted practice of the Dunkin’ double cup, though they are still able to serve iced coffee with no reported fatal injuries due to lack of a protective outer layer.

@hashtagfroyo Akron’s choice for Premium Frozen Yogurt

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Check them out on facebook:

Check them out on Twitter:

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#NYC #Coffee Lovers Rejoice for @CupsApp Prepaid Coffee Plans

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Find out all the details here

Maddie and Bella to open new coffee shop in downtown Toledo

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It won’t be long before the Warehouse District is fully caffeinated again.

Maddie & Bella Coffee Co., a coffee roaster based in Perrysburg, plans to open its first commercial shop in the spot formerly occupied by Downtown Latte at 44 S. St. Clair St.

“This is kind of the next logical step for us,” said Rich Jambor, 35, who owns the company. “It’s a great spot. It’s great to be part of the downtown revival.”

Mr. Jambor said many of the details of their operations are still unknown — the name hasn’t been finalized, the concept is still in the works, and the hours of operation are still up for debate. If they can stick to an aggressive timeline, Mr. Jambor hopes to have the shop up and running July 4, despite only taking over the space May 1.

Mr. Jambor and his family have been providing roasted beans to stores, restaurants, and coffee shops since the fall of 2012.

The Warehouse District has been without a coffee shop since Downtown Latte, which was open for 11 years, closed April 25. Its owners said they wanted to pursue new opportunities.

“Downtown Latte was great and had a loyal fan base,” Mr. Jambor said. “We’ve got big shoes to fill. They basically started the Warehouse District.”

Currently, Maddie & Bella is roasted by Mr. Jambor’s father, Richard, out of the family home. Soon, though, they expect to move their roasting operation into a larger commercial space to increase production capabilities.

From the start, the company has been a family business. Mr. Jambor’s father started roasting coffee several years ago as a hobby and, as family and friends requested more and more, Mr. Jambor — who described himself as “obsessed with coffee” — let his entrepreneurial spirit take over and formed the business. Mr. Jambor’s mother, Susan, works on packaging, delivering, and selling at farmers markets.

Mr. Jambor still expects to provide wholesale coffee and is in the process of launching an online store where people can order bags of beans and buy a home-delivery subscription service.
Original article featured in The Toledo Blade


National Frozen Yogurt Day 2013 on CNN’s Eatocracy

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09:00 AM ET
yogurt day" href="" rel="bookmark">National frozen yogurt day

While you’re frying up some eggs and bacon, we’re cooking up something else: a way to celebrate today’s food holiday.

Dairy good! June 4 is National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Some blasts from the past are suddenly quite au courant. For example: bingo night, parachute pants and handlebar mustaches are currently all the rage. Another product that’s making a comeback? Frozen yogurt.

In the early 1980s and ’90s, frozen yogurt stores were on almost every street corner in the U.S. After a brief market slump in the late ’90s and early 2000s, the industry is back on the rise, fueled in part by the recession. Frozen yogurt offers consumers choice at varying price points; perfect for those who want to treat themselves without blowing a hole in their wallets.  In addition, firms such as offer fun and creative designs available on paper cups to assist you in building a brand and social media awareness for your coffee shop, yogurt shop, or ice cream shop.

The multi-million dollar industry has another thing going for it – head to head, frozen yogurt is less fattening than ice cream. That’s because in order to be classified as ice cream, the product needs to contain a certain amount of fat. Producers often add cream to achieve the necessary fat content. Frozen yogurt, on the other hand, isn’t federally regulated, and since yogurt naturally contains less fat than cream, the resulting product is as creamy as ice cream but with much less fat.

Before you go buckwild at your local frozen yogurt store, consider this: while the actual treat might be less in fat, it’s very easy to erase the difference with toppings. That’s not to say that toppings are off the menu, but if healthfulness is the goal, consider cutting back on the brownie bites and hot fudge sauce.

You could also make your own frozen yogurt in an ice cream maker or blender, thus controlling the mix-ins and nutritional content.

While no one really knows how long the froyo craze will last, our bet is that kids will be lining up at their local yogurt shop long after the last hipsters are yelling “Bingo!”

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Vanilla Jill’s in Eugene, Oregon makes sustainable, local, and homemade frozen yogurt

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A Eugene frozen yogurt shop is experiencing some sweet success. Vanilla Jills is expanding And KEZI 9  news anchor Holly Menino’s is here to help tell us the company’s secrets. On a nice sunny day there’s nothing better than a refreshing tasty treat to cool you down. But next time go to vanilla Jills and make your snack healthy one.

Our product is made with all natural Kiefer which is full of probiotics.

And it tastes even better.

I grew up thinking frozen yogurt was healthy, and I never even looked at the ingredients. And then we looked at the ingredients we were very surprised. We realized we did not want to live our lives feeding people that kind of food.

Tim and Megan Stevens own Vanilla Jills frozen yogurt- a one-of-a-kind Eugene-based frozen yogurt shop.

There are only a hand full of companies in this area or even the whole world that make a softserve handmade frozen yogurt. Vanilla Jills started as an idea, after an offhand comment started after dinner.

Wewer finishing up and Megan said hey do you guys want to go next-door and check out Vanilla Jills and have some frozen yogurt? Everyone said sure sounds great!

Vanilla Jill's 2 frozen <a href=yogurt custom yogurt cups" src="" width="300" height="237" />

That was in 2009.

We spent nearly 6 months literally making and testing frozen yogurt each night Using Nancys yogurt. I am chief taste tester.

In March 2010 Vanilla Jills open it’s doors on Coburg Road. As new recipes developed and the word spread of this local handmade organic frozen yogurt business started blooming. You can find pints of vanilla Jills at local grocery stores and the couple has since opened a frozen yogurt food truck. Everything is made at their local store and as the two seek expansion they are running out of room. They have decided to open a new location at the Winterburg of Eugene.

Vanilla Jill's 1 frozen <a href=yogurt custom yogurt cups" src="" width="300" height="225" />

We are going to move all of our production over to the Winterburg district and also had a small retail space over there so were really excited about that. The new shop opening up here will be called scoops and soups, serving up local sustainable Soups along with their frozen yogurt.

We will be able to serve basically breakfast lunch and dinner as well as dessert For an amazingly low rate using locally sourced products and ingredients.

At Vanilla Jills their success is in their ingredients.

A lot of people looking forward to that, I would like to nominate myself as a taste tester.

Vanilla Jill's 3 frozen <a href=yogurt custom yogurt cups" src="" width="300" height="225" />

If you’re in the Eugene Oregon area and looking for a sweet refreshing treat… check out our friends there at Vanilla Jill’s

460 Coburg Road #300

Eugene, OR 97401