Innovatibe Paper Cups design by Feldmann+Schultchen #printmycup

Innovatibe Paper Cups design by Feldmann+Schultchen #printmycup

Kiss your coffee sleeves goodbye thanks to intuitive Grip Cup

Any kid of the 90s will remember the notorious sound of the Pringles lid, a sound synonymous with a party in a can. The anticipation of that sound alone likely sold thousands of more chips. This concept of simple branding that creates memorable customer experiences can be seen in any range of products. The Grip Cup in particular caught our interest, a paper cup with a basic and convenient press-to-grip technique.

In one intuitive movement, you can hold your paper cup in a superior way to traditional to-go cups. Much like the Pringles distinct pop, the new shape of the grip cup is indicated with a pop sound.

The silhouette is controlled and transformed each time the grip is pushed. To get a better and more manageable grip, the cup walls will arch inward and become concave, which activates an audible popping. Predetermined fold lines help owners to intuitively find their landing pad for an upgraded, tactile feel.

“The simpler the better. The most successful products tell you straightaway how to use them. The Grip Cup is designed to be pressed in a new shape for a better drinking experience. ” said Arne Schultchen, designer and partner of feldman + schultchen design studios.

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The cup is made entirely of biodegradable materials, as well as makes use of thinner materials. The innovation of the “press to grip” technique offers a superior way of handling your favorite beverage when it comes to sturdiness and sustainability. The intuitive gripping pad eliminates the need for coffee sleeves, automatically reducing the amount of waste as a consequence of the design and implications.

“That is what we are always aiming for as designers: a better product developed out of usage needs and with the nature of material and production methods in mind,” said f+s partner and designer André Feldmann.

This interactive product experience creates a more ergonomic experience for the owner. Would a more intuitive and comfortable grip inspire you to replace your favorite to-go mug and “Do the Grip?”

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