Maui Wowi opening Maryland units

Maui Wowi opening Maryland units

Maui Wowi Hawaiian has granted an Empire Franchise Agreement to Lisa Giacobbe, who is planning to build the chain’s presence in Maryland, according to a company press release.

“The opportunity to work with a group of people that enjoy every aspect of their company is going to be amazing. The fun, relaxing atmosphere and growth potential made Maui Wowi a perfect choice for us,” Giacobbe said.

Originally interested only in the brick-and- mortar retail model of the business, a trip to the company headquarters for Discovery Day brought Giacobbe and her husband face-to-face with the possibilities associated with the mobile event cart business model.

“We really like the flexibility because you can have the storefront, you can go to events, and you can do catering; so there are a lot of choices with what we can do with our business,” Giacobbe said.

As they begin ramping up, the Giacobbes plans to take full advantage of the different models by using the cart at events around the community. The goal will be to drive traffic and build a customer following for the store as it is being built. Eventually, they hope to expand the brand throughout the state.


It seems Maui Wowi as well has enhanced their brand significantly by rolling out custom printed wholesale clear cups printed with their colorful and ever recognizable logo

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