New York City Recycling Expanded to Cover More Plastics

New York City Recycling Expanded to Cover More Plastics


New Yorkers can now recycle more plastic trash like yogurt cups and takeout containers under a significant expansion of the city’s recycling program, officials said Wednesday.


Mayor Bloomberg announced that all rigid plastics can be recycled after they’re rinsed.



Other examples of rigid plastics include toys, hangers and the plastic cups , paper yogurt cups, paper coffee cups, and clear plastic cups most commonly used for iced coffee.




Bloomberg says the recycling expansion will prevent 50,000 tons of waste a year from going to landfills.



He also says the move will save taxpayers almost $600,000 a year. It’s cheaper to recycle than to ship waste to landfills.



City officials call the program the largest expansion of the city’s recycling program since curbside recycling began 25 years ago.



The program started Wednesday, but the city won’t begin enforcement until the rules are officially adopted in July. Residents will receive mailers describing the expansion of the program prior to that.



The expansion of the recycling regulations is being done in partnership with SIMS Municipal Recycling, the city said in a statement.



SIMS is poised to open the largest household recycling plant in North America later this year on the Sunset Park waterfront, according to the city.

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