Maple bacon frozen yogurt — a review with video!

Maple bacon frozen yogurt — a review with video!

I am a big fan of food that doesn’t make any sense.

I have had more than one beer milkshake in my lifetime, friends.

That is why, when you ask yourself “Who is the target audience for maple bacon frozen yogurt?” the answer is me.

Yogurt Mountain recently made this miracle product available, along with other nontraditional frozen yogurts such as “Cup of Coffee.”

Yes. Not just a frappuccino.

Frozen yogurt with coffee flavor.

Oh, yeah.

If you don’t live near a Yogurt Mountain, never fear! For other similar products are available at locations such as Sweet Frog, which boasts “maple bacon donut.”

I have a feeling these miracle yogurt options won’t be available permanently, which I why I hurried out to get a sample.

I gleefully pulled the handle to shoot a pile of maple bacon frozen yogurt into one side of my plastic bowl. Then I did the same with the coffee frozen yogurt on the other side.

My children eyed me suspiciously and went for more traditional flavors.

But what can you get as a topping for frozen yogurt meant to taste like a stack of pancakes and delicious crispy pork? Oh, fortunately Yogurt Mountain had thought ahead and provided bacon bits. I sprinkled them atop my culinary delight.

How did it taste? Not as good as actual pancakes and bacon, I am afraid. Yet it evoked a benchmark on the way to our Jetsons-like future, when all food will be in pill form.

I finished every last drip and drop of my bowl. But next time I get a hankering for breakfast I might just eat breakfast.

What weird foods have you enjoyed? (Or regretted.)

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