An Interview with Menchie’s CEO Amit Kleinberger

An Interview with Menchie’s CEO Amit Kleinberger

Hello, I name is Joe Matthews the author of Streetsmart Franchising and I’m here today with a meet Klineberg or CEO of Encino-based Menchies frozen yogurt. So very glad to be spending some time with you.

Thank you

One time you had said to me that you thought men cheese was more than just a yogurt franchise it was a whole other business which you were in, can you describe that for me?

Thanks Joe. I would like to say here at Menchie’s we are in the business of making people smile. How do we do it? We just happened to serve the smiliest cup of yogurt that you can find. When you enter the store, first thing which will happen is that you will be greeted”Welcome to menchies!” That act is meant to immediately cheer you up, lift your spirits. As you choose your cup you can choose a more colorful and playful cup Or you can choose a regular cup. You can go through the various yogurt flavors you are able to choose what your heart desires you go to the toppings bar you go to the register we had a seven star customer service program to help you along the way. Most brands so simply yogurt we sell smiles, It just so happens that we do it via yogurt. Our cult-like following is becoming a phenomenon by virtue and thanks to our we make you smile philosophy.

Now take us behind the scenes at the corporate office how would you describe the corporate culture?

Our business is unique as our franchisees our customers …they are the ambassador of Menchies who sits between us with a smile on his face- those franchisees offer Menchie’s a home in every community and as investors of the brand they facilitate this unique experience that has enabled us to expand worldwide as long as we continue serving our principles from our overarching purpose of making people smile and offering people a relatively healthy and tasty indulging product and a happy family friendly environment we are bound to be successful

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