Looking for a Career Change: A Frozenyo Franchise might be a COOL Opportunity

Looking for a Career Change: A Frozenyo Franchise might be a COOL Opportunity

As Froyo is all of the craze in recent years, many aspiring entrepreneurs and small business enthusiasts are joining in on the trend through opening their own frozen yogurt franchise or other small business.  We’ve prepared some great info for our followers in regards to one of the East Coasts’s premier destination and wildly popular frozen yogurt shop, Frozenyo.  Director Mike Halpern shares with us through a brief video the benefits and advantages of teaming up with their brand to help bring your local clientele some fresh, healthy, and delicious frozen treats from Frozenyo.  The company also has a great accompaniment to yogurt in its newly launched Zombie Coffee brand.



“Hello my name is Mike Halpern I am the director of franchise development for Frozenyo self-serve frozen yogurt. First, thank you for taking the time to join us to learn a little bit more about our franchise opportunity. I have experience in the industry by granting over 1000 franchises for about 20 different food franchise systems over the past decade. To tell you about why Frozenyo is such a unique franchise opportunity, I’ll talk about frozen yogurt category, talk about our management team, talk about the specific opportunity starting with the category. There’s a big trend towards healthier eating and moving away from the indulgence of ice cream towards the helpful aspect of frozen yogurt. Simultaneously there’s a big shift from full service to self serve where customers like to create something of their own. They have a lot of fun with that, we feel both of those very healthy product with a very great simple operating model. Customers concerns regarding our management team we have account experience with retail food and entrepreneurship. As a matter-of-fact one of our owners grew a company to close to 100 units before they got out of that business and into the regarding opportunity. We offer very low franchisees, very little royalties, and we have products differentiators just frozen yogurt we have zombie coffee which is our own proprietary blend of coffee. We also offer fresh yogurt parfaits which gives customers a reason coming to your stores during breakfast and with the coffee component during colder weather. We also have a very simplistic operating model which requires very few employees so franchise owners can focus on looking for new locations and driving customers to the business versus all of the complex back of the house issues which are typically associated with full service restaurants. This is a great opportunity with Frozenyo based on the different opportunities and options that you have available to. First of all we invested in this franchise, we spend millions of dollars building six of our own company-owned locations before we even can sitter offering franchise. We wanted to prove it to ourselves before we offered franchisees and we have the financials to prove that (will share this with you and our franchise documentation). We have comprehensive world-class training and ongoing operational and marketing support and a local store marketing plan that will truly drive customers to your business and keep them coming back. So who are we looking for? We are looking for people that want to have fun want to make money and either have ambitious something new and fun with their lives and change their career path. For people who are already familiar with the restaurant and franchising business and are looking to diversify into a fun and exciting opportunity to endeavor please contact us. We will give you all the details and fill you in on this great and exciting concept for the Frozenyo self-serve frozen yogurt franchise opportunity you can contact us by phone at 703-279-6522 toll-free at 87 799 franchise or by email at mike@frozenyo.com 

Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you.”


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