Cherry On Top … A Top Destination for Froyo this Summer

Cherry On Top … A Top Destination for Froyo this Summer

It’s summertime upcoming, and what better way to enjoy it with some self serve yogurt from a great concept and outlet such as Cherry On Top.  Also there’s some opportunity for business owners who like to get involved from a franchising aspect.

Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt 2 custom printed yogurt cups

Great video here from Rob Steinberg of Cherry On Top Huntington Beach.  His location is a fast paced and exciting destination spot for all of those Southern Californian folds looking for a refreshingly sweet and healthy treat of self serve frozen yogurt.



My name is Rob Steinberg of Chery On Top Frozen Yogurt in Huntington Beach, California.  Yogurt has been popular for years, frozen yogurt has been super popular in recent years and the introduction of the self-serve concept all of those ingredients together for an absolutely fantastic business model…s o that something I wanted to be part of

We chose Cherry On Top because we found all of the ingredients that we were looking for. The yogurt is absolutely fantastic, the design is completely innovative state-of-the-art, the way they incorporated the menu display signs with cutting-edge technology is really don’t see that anywhere else in this market other than Cherry On Top.

 I believe that good yogurt starts from the source. Product comes from a family-run farm, the cows are really happy, they’re not treated with hormone, that really sets us apart.

Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt 1 custom printed yogurt cups


Not only is the quality superb but the facility uses sustainable technology such as solar power, recycled water for farming, all of this combined with the amazing flavors I think it’s been a biggest ingredient for success.


What makes our frozen yogurt so unique this highly competitive market gourmet flavors. We are probably one of the only stores to consistently offer those gourmet flavor. They are constantly changing, there is a huge variety of flavors and the modest pricing especially in these economic times and that’s a win-win situation for anyone looking for for a great business model.


The variety of flavors at Cherry On Top are tremendous and they’re constantly growing. It’s not a static number here, some concepts  get it fixed number. Since I’ve been with the company and since I’ve owned store, it has grown immensely.


Training and support from the corporate office has been absolutely fantastic. There’s always people available to take your phone calls, and the plus side is they actually have people in the corporate office they can come out to the store and help with something on site. Their marketing staff their IT staff has all been collaborative making this particular store really big success.


Customer experience here Cherry On Top is a happy, free-flowing, enjoyable experience. Customers come here to be free to come here to get away from their stresses and have a great dessert. Come here to bring their kids and enjoy what we have to offer


The environment here and the atmosphere here is a family atmosphere. My family works with me we were together making the store what it is today. Also a part of that is my staff.  The staff that I get to work with every day I get to hand pick–  who’s going to work best to serve our customers and our community. That’s simply great position to be in. Coming to work here at Cherry On Top sometimes doesn’t feel like work. There is really really great interaction with the customers, with the community, and I had a great working relationship with my staff. It’s been a really really positive experience

I’m going to be able to put people in a place where they can best serve YOU the customer

It’s frozen yogurt your way, and that pertains not just to the owner of the store… that pertains to the customer as well. You get to decide how much you want right from the get-go- to pull the lever you decide whether you get one ounce or 20 ounces. You walk down to the topping bar, you decide with you want 1,2,3 or 30  different toppings. There really is no limit, the potential is up to you weight your yogurt, it’s a real really fair price and that’s why this concept is such a huge success, it’s a win-win philosophy .”

Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt 3 custom printed yogurt cups


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