Top Ten Gelato Shops in New York City

Top Ten Gelato Shops in New York City

We’re just back from our recent trip to NYC and undoubtedly New York is a great place for a foodie. If you visit you’ll notice a growing number of pop up gelato shops around the city so we’ve done the homework for you and compiled our list of TEN BEST GELATOS IN NEW YORK.

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Gelato is a creamy and delicate frozen treat native to Italy. Italians, through years of experience, have developed a product closley related to ice cream and frozen yogurt which is often mire rich, lighter, smoother with a refined palette of flavors. Here at we specialize in custom printed gelato cups for some of the most well known gelato shops around the world – so here’s the “skinny” on our best places to indulge in some awesome gelato in NYC:

10. GROM GELATO 2165 Broadway, 212-362-1837
9. GELATERIA AT EATLY 200 Fifth Avenue, 646-389-5100
8. VIA QUADRONNO 25 East 73rd Street, 212-650-9880
7. LOVE GELATO 167 Seventh Avenue South, 212-929-2870
6. CIAO BELLA 285 Mott Street, 212-431-3591
5. POPBAR 5 Carmine Stree, 212-255-4874
4. SAVARESE Utrecht Avenue, 718-438-7770
3. AMORINO 60 University Place, 212-253-5599
2. L’ ARTE DEL GELATO 75 Ninth Avenue, 212-366-0570
1. LABRORATORIO DEL GELATO 188 Ludlow Street, 212-343-9922

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top 10 gelato custom printed gelato cups


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