Spotlight: Custom Printed Ice Cream Container from Ben & Jerry’s Lin-Sanity

Spotlight: Custom Printed Ice Cream Container from Ben & Jerry’s Lin-Sanity

Jeremy Lin, the Taiwanese born NBA star which rose to fame in 2011-2012 has caused a stir recently (not just for his off the bench scoring skills) but also amid controversey as a result of recent release of his very own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor.

Jeremy Lin Ben&Jerry Linsanity custom printed yogurt containers

The product in question is Taste The Lin-Sanity – a custom flavor which Ben & Jerry’s released to ride the name recognition of this rising sports star. Complete with a custom printed ice cream container designed with his name and Ben & Jerry’s infamous logo. Ben & Jerry’s always releases each of its new flavors with vibrant and creative designs on custom printed pints.

The Boston Globe originally released the story back in 2012 as Ben & Jerry’s began to sell a limited release of the product in its Harvard Square store location. Lin was a graduate of Harvard University and achieved fame with the New York Knicks basketball team in New York City. You can follow Ben & Jerrys @BenJerryBoston on twitter

The controversy started as a result of the ingredients of this creative frozen yogurt treat, which some say imply a degree of racism or stereotypical Asian ingredients. As noted from the custom print frozen yogurt cup, Lin-Sanity features lychee, which is a fruit native to Southeast Asia, which is not the part of Asia that Jeremy Lin comes from- and also bits of fortune cookie mixed in with the frozen yogurt.

Ben & Jerry's Lin-sanity custom printed ice cream containers

Whats your thought? Are these ingredients chosen by Ben & Jerry product developers implied stereotypes… or simple a jovial spin to honor a rising NBA star?

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