If you haven’t been in the “windy city” lately the fine folks at printmycup.com highly recommend you make the trip.  Not only is this hub of the midwest an architectural enthusiasts’ dream and top destination for foodies out there… its also a great location to fill yous summertime need for delightful frozen yogurt treats.  Chicago is known for many prime food creations such as chicago dogs, delicious deep dish, and locally made microbrews– but the rise of self-serve frozen yogurt shops has added a new local must have in midwest eats.

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At PrintMyCup.com we have a growing base of clients who turn to us for their custom printed yogurt cups , so we’re on the front lines of whats hot and what’s not in Chicago based frozen yogurt.  Our brain trust has done the due diligence for you and come up with a frozen yogurt lover’s guide to the Ten Best Frozen Yogurt Shops in Chicago :





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10.  Starfruit 2142 N. Halsted St., Lincoln Park

9.  Bare Berry Frozen Yogurt 1211 W. Webster Ave., Lincoln Park

8.  Pinkberry 635 N. State St., Near North

7.  Lickity Split Frozen Custard & Sweets 6056 N. Broadway Ave., Edgewater

6.  Berry Moon 2618 N. Clark St., Lincoln Park

5. Freshii 200 W. Monroe St., The Loop

4. Haagen-Dazs 800 E. Grand Ave.

3. Soupbox/Icebox 2943 N. Broadway, Lake View

2. Aunt Sweet Bakery 1919 E. 95th St., Calumet Heights

1. Windy City Sweets 3308 N. Broadway, Lake View

For more info on Chicago’s Ten Best Yogurt shops also check out this great article we’ve found

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