Frozen Yogurt Industry Continues Growth

Frozen Yogurt Industry Continues Growth

Although the frozen yogurt franchise industry suffered a decline in the late 1990’s, it is making a comeback with a new generation of flavors, toppings, and store settings. Nationally, CNBC reported in March that the frozen yogurt business was booming. Servings of frozen yogurt sold increased by 11 percent to 128 million last year and frozen yogurt revenue grew by 5.9 percent in the past five years. The industry is expected to grow 2.4 percent a year from 2012 to 2016. Likewise, firms such as have filled the niche for affordable priced and quality paper frozen yogurt cups and related supplies for frozen yogurt shops.

Nowadays, customers aren’t just coming in for the frozen yogurt, but also for theseFrozen Yogurt franchises’ “chill” store settings. Trending away from the outdated ice-cream parlor environment, modern froyo stores include high-end furniture, Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions, and live musical performances.

Demand from the Frozen Yogurt Stores industry will likely remain stable over the next five years, as increasingly health-conscious consumers and new markets drive growth, see “Restaurant Trends That Drive Results.” Nation’s Restaurant News food editor Bret Thorn says, “Yogurt will likely be a longer-lasting trend, and I see no reason why the frozen variety should fade out.”

In an informal 2012 survey on yogurt consumption, commissioned by 16 Handles:

Nearly 79 percent of snackers shared that they prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream
More than 45 percent eat frozen yogurt at least one once a month
Nearly 95 percent consider frozen yogurt to be a better-for-you dessert and snack alternative to ice cream; more than half also cited frozen yogurt as their top choice for dessert over candy, cake and cookies

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