Custom Printed Cups made EASY with

Custom Printed Cups made EASY with

At we firmly believe it is absolutely essential for a frozen yogurt store, ice cream store, or coffee shop to create and market their store identity. This is especially true if you are an independent operator or in a competitive market. Your store identity or brand helps you stake your territory, so to speak. And your store identity is not complete until you have your very own custom printed cups!

Our paper cups range from frozen yogurt cups to single poly hot cups to double poly cold cups. All of our paper cups can be custom printed with your logo, slogan, and design of your choice. The best part is we offer our custom printing service at no extra cost to our clients.
Custom Frozen Yogurt Paper Cups

Our custom frozen yogurt cups begin with high quality USA food grade double poly paper. Both the exterior and interior of the cup are coated with poly film to ensure the cup’s structure will not be compromised by frozen treats. The cups are manufactured according to our strict quality control guidelines to produce a sturdy cup that is perfect for the delicious frozen dessert. Custom design is printed using food grade soy inks.
Custom Paper Ice Cream Container Cups

We can custom print any size of ice cream container cups as well as create a custom lid design to go with that yummy ice cream (or gelato!). A unique and memorable ice cream container is just what a gourmet ice cream shop needs!
Custom Paper Cold Cups

Our custom paper cold cups uses the same high quality material as our frozen yogurt paper cups for the same sturdiness with ice cold temperature. Designed for enjoyment of any ice cold refreshments.
Custom Paper Hot Cups

Our paper hot cups utilize single poly paper that’s perfect for any hot drink. The thick, heavy paper we use to produce our paper cups also provides slight insulation against hot liquid, although we do strongly recommend using Paper Cup Sleeve with steamy hot drinks.

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