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Menchie’s Gives a Lucky Fan Frozen Yogurt For a Year

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Menchie’s, North America’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, crowned the grand prize winner of its sweepstakes, The Million Smiles Giveaway.

Kathleen Lane of Burbank, California, is the lucky winner of free frozen yogurt for a year, an iPad with a custom Menchie’s cover, a Menchie’s skateboard and a merchandise gift bag.

During the sweepstakes, fans who registered on for the mySmileage loyalty program were automatically entered into The Million Smiles Giveaway. Guests could earn additional entries to win every time they used their mySmileage account. Members earn a “smile” for every $1 spent and receive a free cup of yogurt after earning 50 smiles.

“Menchie’s is always looking for new ways to reward our loyal guests and make them smile” said Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie’s Group, Inc. “The Million Smiles Giveaway was a great way to celebrate all of the wonderful fans we have made along the way.”

Five 2nd place prize winners were awarded a custom Menchie’s skateboard and a $50 gift card, while 50 3rd place winners received a merchandise gift bag and a $10 gift card.

Menchie’s received more than 450,000 sweepstakes entries during the January 4th-February 28th promotional period.

The company is a world leader in ensuring best-in-class products, and considers itself the ambassador of frozen yogurt quality worldwide. Guests can choose from more than 100 rotating yogurt flavors, a variety of over 70 delicious toppings and waffle bowls for unlimited combinations.

Menchie’s ensures that only the highest quality milk and flavors are used to make its frozen yogurt. The proprietary collection is made from the milk of “smiley” California cows, which have not been treated with artificial growth hormones (rBST). Menchie’s frozen yogurt contains live and active cultures and has received the Live and Active Culture (LAC) seal indicating its endorsement by the National Yogurt Association.

About Menchie’s
Menchie’s creates lasting memories by creating an unparalleled guest experience, with a mission to make every guest smile. Placing a focus on people and community before commerce, Menchie’s franchisees actively donate thousands of dollars to local school programs and charitable organizations. With its own proprietary portfolio of frozen yogurt, Menchie’s guests create their own unique combinations from over 100 rotating yogurt flavors, 70 rotating toppings and waffle bowls. Menchie’s has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing franchises in the restaurant industry for the past three years. There are more than 275 locations open in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Israel, Guam, the U.K and Jordan, and Menchie’s expects to celebrate 400 open stores in 2013. For more information, including franchising opportunities, visit

Disrupting the Ice Cream Aisle: Talenti’s Path to Success

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Following his college graduation, entrepreneur Josh Hochschuler booked a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires with two suitcases and enough money for a few weeks. After five years of ex-pat living there, while working in finance, he returned to the U.S. with a new-found appreciation for the country’s gelato.

It’s a passion that propelled Hochschuler on a years-long quest to carve out a successful niche in the premium American ice cream market.

Dallas Roots

“When I moved back to Dallas, where I’m originally from, I couldn’t find anything similar so I decided that I would bring something I loved back to the states from Argentina,” Hochschuler said.

To understand the intricate gelato-making process, he had spent months apprenticing with a local family in Argentina. They had been making the dessert for generations using a traditional Argentine gelato method that uses pure cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup. The recipe also has less fat than ice cream.

Together, Hochschuler and the Argentine family opened up a retail store in Dallas named Talenti — a tribute to Bernardo Buontalenti, the Florentine artist credited for inventing gelato.

But Hochschuler soon realized he didn’t like retail’s hours or the business model, which usually only focuses on in-store consumption. Instead, he wanted to get quality product into people’s homes and restaurants.


Streetwise: Nothing says summer like frozen yogurt

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This past week’s weather may not have put anyone in a spring and summer sort of mood, but Streetwise has something that could help.

Build your own frozen yogurt chain Cherryberry, 1810 Jackson St., plans to open this week.

Let the build-your-own sugar fix begin!

Jason Madsen, the Cherryberry franchise operator in this region, said the Oshkosh location will open later this week after it hosts a friends and family event for those who “like” the Cherryberry Oshkosh Facebook page.

For those not familiar, Cherryberry gives you the cup and lets you decide what variety of and how much frozen yogurt you want. From there, you can add the toppings of your choice in the volume of your choice.

The average price per cup runs between $4 and $5, depending on your personal concoction’s total weight.

Madsen said Facebook is the best place for people to stay on top of when opening day will officially be. Until then, Streetwise will just keep dreaming of summer.

Maple bacon frozen yogurt — a review with video!

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I am a big fan of food that doesn’t make any sense.

I have had more than one beer milkshake in my lifetime, friends.

That is why, when you ask yourself “Who is the target audience for maple bacon frozen yogurt?” the answer is me.

Yogurt Mountain recently made this miracle product available, along with other nontraditional frozen yogurts such as “Cup of Coffee.”

Yes. Not just a frappuccino.

Frozen yogurt with coffee flavor.


Lola’s Frozen Yogurt opens new location on South Main Street

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The opening of" target="_blank">Lola’s Frozen Yogurt downtown provides customers with another local choice of a treat.

Julie Skeldon, daughter of owner Lolly Skeldon, is the store vice president. Together, the duo has expanded their business to multiple locations, with their newest addition located downtown on South Main Street, which opened March 17. The store is open Monday through Sunday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Skelton said.

“We have a lot of customers that go to Perrysburg and it was the smartest business decision we could make,” she said. “We were going to go north, but with so many of our customers based here, we decided going south was better.”

Pinkberry, a well-known frozen yogurt store located on campus, has set prices for their yogurt. Lola’s is a self-serving restaurant and their prices are determined by weight. It offers 10 flavors at a time with the ability to mix and match.

The process consists of: customers walking in, grabbing either a 24 or 32 ounce cup, getting as much frozen yogurt and toppings as they please, and at 43 cents an ounce, the weight determines the final price.

“We have over 95 toppings,” Skeldon said. “We really wanted to have a huge fruit selection. Typically on hand, we’ll have anywhere between 36 fruit toppings. We try to stay really healthy, but you have to still have chocolate.”

Lola’s uses non-fat or low-fat milk for their yogurt, Skeldon said. As opposed to ice cream, which is typically made from heavy cream, frozen yogurt is low in fat and calories.

Graduate Assistant Sarah Dewitt said she first heard about Lola’s from a friend in her program before the business opened their new store.

“I really like it, I like the number of options and all of the fruit and granola toppings,” Dewitt said. “I like the plain, original flavor. I put a lot of fruit and usually some brownie bites on it to spice it up.”

Each machine has two flavors on either side, with the ability to mix both in the middle. Carried on from their Perrysburg location because of popularity, Weightwatcher points and calorie counts are written next to the flavors, Skeldon said.

Sophomore Chase Leedy went to Lola’s for the first time a couple weeks ago. What he likes about Lola’s is the size of the cups and amount of toppings available. Leedy said he will probably be going back to Lola’s over Pinkberry because of the price.

“I think you get more for your buck at Lola’s,” Leedy said.

While Lola’s has only had their doors open for a month, the store is planning on having a variety of other options besides yogurt. An alternative or addition to yogurt available is bubble tea, a drink with a milk, green tea or black tea base with the option of adding tapioca balls called “boba.”

“We will have a little kiosk where you can actually just do it yourself,” Skeldon said. “We’re going to experiment with bubble tea and frozen yogurt together.”

The store is planning a grand opening in the summer as well as events and activities for that week. By the end of the year, Lola’s hopes to have another shop open, Skeldon said.

“We’re really fortunate and grateful,” Skeldon said.

New York City Recycling Expanded to Cover More Plastics

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New Yorkers can now recycle more plastic trash like yogurt cups and takeout containers under a significant expansion of the city’s recycling program, officials said Wednesday.


Mayor Bloomberg announced that all rigid plastics can be recycled after they’re rinsed.



Other examples of rigid plastics include toys, hangers and the plastic cups , paper yogurt cups, paper coffee cups, and clear plastic cups most commonly used for iced coffee.


Nine Ways to Reuse Paper Coffee Cups

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There are indeed a few ways to upcycle used coffee cups. Try these nine projects.

coffee cup by emyerson/" alt="undefined" src="" />

Photo of a woman drinking from a paper coffee cup by emyerson/

As a New Yorker, the one piece of garbage that I am most likely to acquire and then throw into an overstuffed landfill is a paper coffee cup, with its ubiquitous plastic lid. In the four blocks between my subway stop and the office where I work, there are five coffee shops and two coffee carts. New York City could not survive without coffee. Which business south of 14th Street stayed open during the immediate hours following Hurricane Sandy, when almost everything was closed? Starbucks. (more…)

Starbucks Secret Menu: The Ultimate Guide

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Starbucks customers know the situation all too well: You’re standing in line, reciting the precise order of the five different descriptors that constitute “your drink,” when you hear the person in front of you make a request so foreign sounding it completely throws your concentration. That’s right, they’ve gone and ordered some crazy-sounding drink off the Starbucks secret menu.


Starbucks Secret Menu: The Ultimate Guide


A Zebra Mocha? A Grande Green Eye? A Crunch Berry Frappuccino? Say what? They may sound like a far cry from the standard drip cup or your simple Mocha Frappuccino, but these drinks are not Starbucks folklore. And really, considering that the coffee giant has in years past boasted offering some 87,000 different drink combinations, that such “secret” items exist should not be too surprising.



7 Quirky Coffee Shops

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It takes a lot to surprise people these days — to stand out from the crowd, and make someone do a double-take. Tell you what though, a coffee shop with a life-size replica of the DoLorean (you know, from the ’80s classic, Back to the Future)? That’ll definitely turn some heads.


Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: A place like that has to be all style and no substance. Right? Not so fast. The spot, an ’80s-themed café called The Wormhole (for obvious reasons), was actually just recently named one of Chicago’s best coffee shops by Imbibe magazine. As it turns out, the eclectic coffee house is known for pouring serious cups featuring Metropolis beans, as well as those from a variety of American specialty roasters.


Frozen yogurt shop hopes to target untapped market

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A recent college graduate’s first business soon will join the growing ranks of Iowa City’s frozen yogurt shops.

Cate Sarrazin, 23, graduated in May 2012 from Ashford College in Clinton with a business degree. She will open Cate’s Frozen Yogurt on May 9. The business will be located in the restaurant space of Dan’s Short Stop gas station at 2221 Rochester Ave., replacing Blimpie’s Sub Shop.

Cate’s will be the fourth frozen yogurt store to open in Iowa City after Yotopia Frozen Yogurt set up shop in September 2011, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt in August 2012 and Aspen Leaf Yogurt and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in September 2012.

She said her store’s location in a residential neighborhood across the street from the Regina Catholic Education Center will help it remain competitive by marketing to a different demographic — the other three Iowa City frozen yogurt stores are located downtown and see heavy college student traffic.

“I definitely think the downtown businesses will always be competition,” she said. “But here it’s kind of a different market in the sense that we’re not targeting the same group of people.”

Dan’s Short Stop owner Dan Glasgow also said he thinks the new store will appeal to an untapped market.

“Our market here is almost all high school kids and their families and parents,” he said. “I’m fine with college kids, but they have virtually no effect up here.”

The new shop will be a family venture — Sarrazin’s father, Ed, owns 25 percent of the business, and her stepmother, Mary, helped Cate with the interior design and accounting.

“We wanted to help by assuming some of the risk and making the business somewhat of a family endeavor.” Ed Sarrazin said. “Cate is the principle owner but we hope to have the whole family involved. Even Cate’s younger sisters are excited about helping.”

Mary Sarrazin suggested to Cate that she pursue the frozen yogurt business after graduating from college, having seen the success of other stores in the area. Although Cate began researching the possibilities and looking into taking out loans, she was unable to find a suitable location until hearing about the opening at Dan’s Short Stop last fall.

At that time, she was working as a restaurant server in Davenport, so she said she was glad to pursue professional employment relevant to her area of study.

“Working at the restaurant gave me time to ease into things,” she said. “I had to mentally prepare myself for all the work (owning a business) would be. I had a little bit of a transition period, but now I’m excited to get it going.”